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Atomic managed accountForex managed account from AU$ 5,000
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Dynamic growth (more info)atomic forex managed account mam pamm

Performance managed accountForex managed account from US$ 10,000
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Serenity managed accountForex managed account from US$ 10,000
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capital management forex managed accounts
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capital management forex managed accounts


Why just accept charity interest from your bank, when they make huge profits playing with your money ? Why send your money away from you to strangers, investing in Madoff type hedge funds or in risky manipulated stocks ? When you could benefit from capital management or forex signals like high net worth investors :
Having your own forex account managed 24/7 with the risk/return profile that you decide, profitable on rising or falling markets, by the best traders and trading robots algorithms  Forex managed accounts are traded mostly by our trading robots H24 but with permanent human surveillance. They took years of development, hundreds of hours coding, thousands hours backtesting. We improve their forex trading strategies everyday and adapt them to the changing markets conditions.
capital management forex managed accounts


With more than $5 trillion daily trading volume, Forex (foreign exchange) is the world’s largest and most liquid market, ideal for capital management and forex signals. Forex offers also 24 hour trading, low transaction costs, flexible leverage and the opportunity to profit in any market conditions, going up or down, no company bankruptcy, no manipulated stocks, no insider trading…
We select the best forex brokers, in regulated AAA country, with clients segregated deposits.  Meaning your funds are kept separately to the firm's money.
capital management forex managed accounts


A Forex Managed Account is an account opened and funded by the investor who gives permission to the trader or money manager to trade on his behalf with his own forex trading strategies (capital management or forex signals).
This allows the investor to leverage on the knowledge and experience of the professional to earn more profits on their investment, while maintaining full control over their funds.
Also called MAM or PAMM  Metatrader Multi-account-manager or percent allocation management module designed for money managers. It is an essential integrated software tool to quickly execute block orders with one click under a master manager account arrangement and conveniently automate trade allocations to customer accounts. Trading robots, mt4 ea, are centralized and server based, which allows the fastest and most reliable integration. by Forex brokers.
capital management forex managed accounts


Trust is nice, but control is better.
Check in real time, 24/7, your forex managed account,your forex signals and what your trader or money manager does, anytime, from everywhere, on any computer or smartphone. You also receive a daily email with all the account activity (trades, balance, equity) of the day.
You can withdraw or add fund at any time, to or from a bank account or a payment card that is on your name only.
And of course you can still trade yourself on new accounts created in one click.