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Markets forecast for week Febuary 11th 2013 ( $SPY $ES_F $NQ_F $QLD $EURUSD $6E_F $ZB_F $TLT $CL_F $USO $JO ) :

Markets forecast for week Febuary 11th 2013 ( $SPY $ES_F $NQ_F $QLD $EURUSD $6E_F $ZB_F $TLT $CL_F $USO $JO ) :

Indices are still levitating, but still below the weekly pitchfork midle line (chart below). Should be bearish.  But no real chart clue here anyway. Schmidt from Google selling 2.5 billion share is a bearish sign. I know it is very hard to ride a long bullish trend, but I took my profit here.

Concerning $EURUSD we were right with the down short term candlestick (2nd chart). But once we reach the bottom of the channel, the up trend should resume.

I invested in the coffee again $JO on the yearly low, for a low risk swing trade. I keep a possibility to add if it goes lower.

Working hard like always on the Forex robots for our managed accounts. Thanks to the account growing I could add a new pair not corralated to the first one. It should lower the risk keeping its great performance (actually close to backtest results).  I am happy to have my main server in Chicago because it is the 2nd storm in less than one year with power outage in NY.

ES ##-## (Daily)  22-Aug-12 - 08-Feb-13 

6E ##-## (Weekly)  Week 28_2011 - Week 6_2013

KC ##-## (Weekly)  Week 17_2011 - Week 6_2013


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